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Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, VertVest is a company that is dedicated to the development of the most advanced athletic training products.  Our team is made up of athletes who wanted to figure out a way to enhance the performance – and offer other athletes a way to improve their strength, speed, and power.
After conducting countless hours of exhaustive research, we finally devised a product that could deliver real results for the goals that athletes were trying to attain. The result is the VertVest Pro, a truly revolutionary product that incorporates the most advanced design and cutting-edge features.  We are confident that you will see a drastic improvement in your performance when you add the VertVest Pro to your workout routine.
If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, we urge you to contact us.

VertVest features

  • Mobile Phone Pocket

    Easily listen to music or never miss an important call during your VERTVEST workout

  • Moisture Wicking Material

    Our material pulls sweat from the athletes body to the exterior of the VERTVEST

  • Slim + Compact Fit

    The slim + compact fit allows the athlete to freely move, shoot, run, jump and play multiple sports

  • Adjustable Torso Straps

    The easy adjustments allow the VERTVEST to contour to the athletes body to fit snug around the core

  • Adjustable Weight w/ Iron Blocks

    The VertVest Pro has high-density iron blocks in increments of 2 lbs which allows athletes to adjust weights from 2 to 35 pounds

  • Intense Cardiovascular and Muscular Conditioning

    The VERTVEST is designed to intensify and increase resistance for all workouts

  • Detachable Speed Parachute

    The speed parachute increases resistance to improve stride length and frequency

  • Multipurpose Sandbag Training

    Roll up your VertVest pro and insert into our heavy duty, multipurpose sandbag to work on explosive movements

  • Detachable Resistance Cord w/ Handle

    Attach our resistance cord to the vest to maximize power, vertical, and speed

VertVest Pro

- adjustable weight that can hold from 2lbs to 35lbs

- adjustable straps for comfort and limited movement

- created for total body conditioning 

- moisture wicking neoprene 

- detachable speed parachute for sprints 

- mobile phone pocket for listening to music during intense workouts

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The positive effects of using weight vests to improve running performance and amplify endurance cannot be underestimated. The use of these vests has a wide range of benefits ranging from physiological to psychological.

A study in the Journal of Applied Physiology notes that weight vests are particularly beneficial to individuals who have had a steady level performance than their less steady counterparts. One of the notable positive effects of the vests is the increase in the strength of the legs. The study – that took place for ten (10) weeks – exemplified this proposition because its results showed that the leg strength of the participants increases by 30%.

The results of a study published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport showed that the peek running speed of individuals who wore weight vests improved by 2.9%. Besides, the moderate increment in leg stiffness was recorded with a running economy of 6%. Further, though by relatively low margin (categorized as small to moderate), the cardiorespiratory efficiency of individuals who participated in the study was improved.

Indeed, the role of weight vests in improving the performance of its users is too significant to be belittled. Precisely, its most notable positive effects include leg strength increment, improved short-term endurance cycling and running, leg stiffness improved running economy and cardiorespiratory efficiency. By all aspects, weight vests are beneficial in strength training.

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